What is is a nationwide cleat and sports equipment recycling initiative aimed at providing cleats and other athletic equipment necessary to participate in youth sports to those individuals & families that are financially or economically challenged and thus cannot afford to participate. In addition to providing cleats and other sports related equipment to players at no charge, works with organizations, leagues, commissions, athletic departments, coaches, commissioners, and others to provide scholarships to cover player participation fees so that all youth athletes that wish to participate in sports are able to do so. 

What is the GOAL of


The goal of is to make sure that no individuals are prevented from participating in sports activities and programs that interest them because they cannot afford the equipment necessary to play or the fees involved for registration. collects donations of equipment including:  CLEATS (all sports), BASKETBALL SHOES, FOOTBALL HELMETS, SHOULDER PADS, BASEBALL GLOVES, SHINGUARDS, ETC. These items are cleaned, sanitized, re-furbished, & then shipped or hand delivered to those in need. In addition, through financial donations, will provide scholarships to pay players fees for participation in any sports. also partners with and trains sports leagues & teams across the country to honor scholarship requests and to maintain a local branch of which involves equipment collection, refurbishing, and distribution to the players in need.  We would like to see a location in every city across the US!  If you are interested in operating your own local branch, contact  

Need Help? You Can Help - Here's How!

If you need help with any type of sports equipment at no charge email to inquire about the availability of the items you need.  

If you have items that you would like to donate to you can do so in the following ways:

Ship your Donated Items to:


P.O. Box 30861

Knoxville, TN 37930

Drop off your donated items:

Knoxville, TN Drop Off Location is at West Hills Park across the street from West Hills Elementary School on Sheffield Drive.  Leave items on the concrete at the gray equipment shed and send an email to when you have dropped items off. 

Donate!  100% of money donated to RecyCLEATS goes to help those in need.  We use cash donations to purchase cleaning/sanitizing supplies, to purchase equipment items if necessary, and to cover player fees at various youth sports organizations.  

Donate Postage!  We really need postage to pay for shipping needed items all over the country (forever stamps are great).

Donate Sports Store Gift Cards - We use these cards to purchase sports equipment to donate to those in need.  

For more donation information/questions:

Contact -